Due to the extensive modifications on phpRaid and a new developer taking over the project,
i've opted to go to a credits file to store all the individual contributions to phpRaid
over the course of it's history. If you have contributed to phpRaid in a significant
way and feel you belong here but are not listed, please contact me and i'll be happy to
add you.

To begin with, Credit for at least some of this code goes out to Kile Spraggs, the original
developer of phpRaid. I should note his original copyright (© 2005-2006 Kyle Spraggs)
, though by GPL he doesn't own the copyright anymore, some of the work is still his
original coding and he deserves kudos for the original work.

Next, a big thank you to all of the various people involved who have made or brought this code up
to where it is now. A listing is included below:

Individual Updates to the Code since the 3.0.7 Major release are as follows:
* Version 3.0.8 Updated and fixed by Schwick
* Version 3.0.9 Updated by Zeriz

Foreign Libraries:
Our template system is now Smarty (http://www.smarty.net). Smarty is released under the LGPL
license and thus is allowed to be distributed with this software. Thanks go out to the Smarty
people for such a robust and dynamic templating language.
Language Updates:
* Alohastone for providing the original German Translation for inclusion.
* Nalumis for providing the full 3.1.2 German Translation that has been merged into base.
* Nalumis for maintaining the German Translation of WRM.
* Lore21 for maintaining the Italian Translation of WRM.
* Litago for maintaining the Norwegan Translation of WRM.
* Srshyu for maintaining the Traditional Chinese Translation of WRM.
* Arrogant for maintaining the French Translation of WRM.
* Marix for maintaining the Sweedish Translation of WRM.

Overlib/Armory Popups
Thanks go out to the maintainers of phpArmory (though now no longer supported) at the sourceforge site
"mepcotterell" and "poeticdragon". Of note, the code has been updated and extended by "Daniel" of
www.marenkay.com, and is now 0.4.2. Again, kudos to shiena of sourceforge.net (Daniel) for picking
this up and maintaining it.
For information on the copyrights and licensing information for these pieces please see the "license.txt

Raid Icons
* A special thank you to JDDMichael from wowraidmanager.net for his creation of all of the new raid
icons shipped with this release. You can find all of his icons in /templates/SpiffyJr/images/instances
and the associated directories below that. These graphics are released with the software again under the
GPL with the rest of the software and with full permission of the author. The "source" directory contains
the original work in a .psd (photoshop) format that is accessible both under photoshop as well as under
The Gimp in Linux. As with all GPL software you have full rights to modify these icons along with the
rest of the software, but the author has requested that I include the original file for ease of modification
of the icons.

And as noted on the front page, the 3.1 and beyond code has been created and is now being maintained
by Douglas Wagner: douglasw at wagnerweb dot org. I do claim copyright for the 4.0
release ( (C) 2007-2009 Douglas Wagner ) of phpRaid/WoW Raid Manager (and all previous releases from 3.1 through the current) and the modifications to the original source contained within.

Many thanks go out to my guild, Tenebrae Cor on the World of Warcraft Alleria Server for
their help and testing of each new release, and specifically to "Triden" for his help
and assistance on code and "Elayneff" with her assistance with RIM.

Any issues, corrections, comments, or notations of omissions on this credits file should be
addressed to douglasw at wagnerweb dot org.